Rory Blain

Rory Blain

Director of Sedition

Rory Blain (born 1972) is the director of Sedition, the platform to collect, share, trade and enjoy

contemporary art in digital format. His current focus is on growing the company, reaching new

audiences and promoting the enjoyment of contemporary art. In Rory’s view, with the advent of

blockchain technology, and developments in AI, VR, generative art and other new advances, the

digital art landscape is changing fast.

Rory has over 20 years experience in the contemporary art world working alongside his brother

Harry Blain, the founder of Blains Fine Art, Haunch of Venison and Blain|Southern galleries.

Rory Blain has lived and worked throughout Europe, including Paris and Zurich, where he ran

the Haunch of Venison gallery prior to joining Sedition at the start of 2013 as the firm’s director

and CEO. Rory has always worked in the arts having previously pursued a career in dance and

performing arts before joining the family gallery. Blain’s wide experience in the art world has

informed his current role in developing the concept of art collecting in the digital age at Sedition.

Rory has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Open University and attended the Laine Theatre

Arts school of performing arts with a specialization in dance.

He currently lives in Canterbury with his wife and 4 children.

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