Julien Bouteloup

Julien Bouteloup

Founder of Blackpool Finance, Stake DAO & Stake Capital

Julien Bouteloup is driven by risk. Since the age of 14, he has been dedicated to mathematics, code and artificial intelligence. With a background in electrical engineering, computer science in the United States with machine learning specialization. He then is an experienced nomadic serial entrepreneur and business angel. On a personal level, he took advantage of the data storage capacity and computing power he had at his disposal to run algorithms. He discovered Bitcoin in 2010 and Ethereum in 2015 and realized the disruptive potential of blockchain technology.He contributes to the construction of several protocols, and supports the constant innovation of the sector by offering more and more financial services strengthening the ecosystem. Alongside his activities, he is actively involved in educating the general public about what he sees as the new industrial revolution: blockchain. Beyond being an insatiable geek, he claims a vision and works towards its realization.This is how Stake Capital was born  in 2018. Since then, he has created and participated in many decentralized projects, such as Stake DAO, Curve or BlackPool.

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