The Play-to-Earn Model

The Play-to-Earn Model

The Play-to-Earn business model refers to games incorporating NFTs and the blockchain into gaming. This new form of business model rewards players by awarding them tokens, currencies, or other incentives for time spent on the game.

In most cases, Gamers can trade products, characters, and other objects/NFTs to make the game even more interesting. The blockchain allows digital assets to be easily recognized, validated, and verified.

An introduction to NFTs

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In "play to earn" games, NFTs are the things that a player sells (non-fungible tokens). As a result, gamers are aggressively seeking these tokens to trade them for bitcoin. First, let’s explain what NFTs are and how they can be useful to gaming. NFTs represent digital assets, and cannot be reproduced, unlike other digital goods. In gaming, digital goods like and other NFTs may be found in play to earn games, as their value and authenticity can be verified via blockchain. To learn more about NFTs, please click here to get more details.

Shortly explained, NFTs are digital products with clear evidence of ownership. This gives players and stakeholders the possibility to own digital assets, unique and not replaceable. As a result, NFTs have a substantial market value. Ope Sea is the most well-known current marketplace for non-fungible tokens. Individuals trade, purchase and sell NFTs in the platform's native currency.

It is always key to remember that NFTs are one-of-a-kind, which gives them significant value in the eyes of their owner, and the overall market. As an example, Axie Infinity is one of the most popular play-to-earn games, where stakeholders can acquire "Axies" and use them in the game to engage with other players.

How Does Play-to-Earn Work?

Thanks to blockchain gaming, users can now play crypto games and earn money without collecting NFTs, or trading cryptocurrencies. This new model brings another demographic to NFTs, bringing massive value to the ecosystem.

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Giving players control of the game's assets is part of a new economic model for gamers, who used to pay to be involved in gaming. In this new era, gamers can actively engage in the game and, as a result, increase the value of the assets entrusted to them. By contributing value to the game, as well as other players and developers, gamers contribute to the economic success of the game.

Players can be rewarded in real-time by getting current digital items, that can be used right away to gain status or higher performance. These forms of assets include digital currencies in the form of cryptocurrencies, well-known video game characters, collectibles, and other goods.

Players may sell their assets for cash or use them to buy new items after acquiring those digital goods. Popular gaming platforms, such as Axie Infinity, use this new form of business model, where both developers and players can become stakeholders.

Infinite Value

This new alternative is now very popular amongst the blockchain community, allowing infinite value to be brought to the marketplace. In essence, the concept of "play to earn" combines gaming with business. Therefore, games based on this new business model can now be considered as a business, where each blockchain game encourages players to actively engage in the process, benefiting all parties.

Both parties can only be able to generate money if they keep on progressing and staying in the game. Subsequently, there are only two ways for this model to work.

First, since each non-fungible token is likely to represent a character or item in the game, players may choose whether to earn or swap NFTs. Additionally, there may be the last way for players to get money by staking tokens earned in the game. The second solution would be to play as many games as possible to earn as many tokens as possible.

However, in most instances, players can only be awarded tokens if they complete the game's daily tasks carefully. Recently, NFT games allowing players to use NFTs, or cryptocurrencies have been created to establish smart contracts. As a consequence, awards can be given out simultaneously. One of the downsides of the game is that players must put in a lot of effort if should they want to win large prizes and earn a lot of money.

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