2022 Program

Discovers all the different events organized by us and our partners: keynotes, panels, conferences, workshops, hackathon and parties taking place during Paris NFT Day

State of nfts

It is important to be aware of the current state of the NFT market. The NFT space moves fast and has a lot to offer. Pioneers will be diving into Metaverses and explore the endless possibilities that comes with it. We will also let collectibles projects tell us why and how they became so successful. The shift from web2 to web3 is becoming clearer with NFTs allowing creators to unleash their creativity and come up with disruptive business ideas.

nfts & corporations

NFTs & Corporations round up some of the biggest brands exploring ways to add value to the NFT space while benefiting from a competitive advantage from a marketing and product stand point. NFTs are disrupting multiple industries such as gaming, music & luxury and have the potential to impact even more industries.

NFT rabbit hole

We all need to go down the NFT rabbit hole to be better able to navigate the space by being your own custodian, using the right marketplaces and understanding the overall culture. Major industry actors will have the opportunity to share the vision they have for the NFT space and to highlight the hottest use cases and also the promising ones. Thoughtful community leaders will share their stories with the community and give us advice on how to launch and manage NFT communities.

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Do you want to learn everything about Web3 ?

Dive in with our learning sessions all day long

1. History of the Metaverses, from Snow Crash to the web3

- Definition of the metaverse, from instagram to the XR

- Old metaverses before web3 & blockchain

- How to access to it and its link with the NFTs

2. Use & limits

- New paradigm with hardware and software innovation for the growth of the web3 metaverses

- Boundaries to define a decentralized metaverse from legal to blockchain

- Hardware and data constraints to scale the actual metaverses

3. Economics of the metaverse

- Generation Z : the strategic target for metaverses

- Zoom on the main metaverses Pro / Con for creators / investors / users

- Emerging business models with metaverses : DaO, Real Estate, play to earn, play to wear, and avatar opportunities

4. Predictions for 1-5 years metaverse

- Summary of recent studies of the expected market

- What can we expect from AAA games and mobile studios ?

- Future is a mix of metaverse and Reality or two distincts worlds with a 100% Full VR metaverse ?

Paris NFT Day in Decentraland:

A deep dive into the metaverse, Paris NFT Day has partnered up with RLTY to create an exact replica of the conference in Decentraland. All tickets holders will have access to all the keynotes on the master stage,  with the possibility to meet with some of our sponsors that will have booths in the metaverse for a fully immersive virtual experience, exhibitor avatars will be waiting for you at their virtual booth.Get your NFT ticket now and choose RLTY instead of reality!

Ripple official party

The week

Get familiar with Web3 and NFTs- there are already many applications and projects impacting the Metaverse, Gaming, Fashion & Luxury, Sports & Athletes, the Arts (Graphic Arts, Music, Audiovisual), come and experiment them onsite!

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NFT Auction

nft auction pbws

Integrated to Paris Blockchain Week Summit - NFT DAY ; Blackpool has been invited to drive its famous Non-Fungible Auction.

The goal is to highlight NFT projects and raise money for charity organisations.

Follow the ape in this new virtuous journey (Lisbon amount to hit 200K$)

Don't forget to bring your wallet and get ready to bid for charity.

Print your NFTs

Don’t forget to bring your NFT wallet at Paris Blockchain Week Summit, because you will be leaving with a unique and physical piece of art. Come print your NFT at the conference, we have partner up with Solid NFT to offer our community the possibility to print their NFTs.

Strong with 10+ years of experience working with artists & galleries, Solid NFT offers to their clients the possibility to print durable and high-quality NFTs. Bring your wallet NFT wallet so you can print and acquire a physical NFT version of your art. Come meet the team of Solid NFT at the conference and learn more about the techniques and materials they use for printing high quality and super durable NFT and leave with a tangible piece of art. With solid NFT make the intangible solid!

print your nfts

Paris NFT Day X cryptoberfest

PBWS & Paris NFT Day has partner up with Cryptoberfest, the world largest Web3 Founders Festival.

Cryptoberfest is a networking event that gathers the brightest and most influential minds in the Web3 space.

The Realverse and Metaverse in order to create a magical gathering spanning both worlds and give an exclusive experience for all participants.

The team of Cryptoberfest will be at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit & Paris NFT Day from April 12th-14th at the Palais Brongniart, bringing with them the spirit of Octoberfest.

Come join the festivities and journey down the rabbit hole!

Paris NFT Day meets Ethernaal

Paris NFT Day has teamed up with Ethernaal, the collective of tattoo artists who manage to successfully fusion their ancestral art with modern technology meant to provide the next iteration in evolution, the NF2T (Nonfungible Tattoo Token).

The collective will be at the conference on April 12th performing tattoos, giving away NFTs and other surprises, get the chance to meet with them, get a tattoo and maybe be on of the lucky ones to get a free NFT!Tattoos last a life time, NFTs last forever!

PBWS & Paris NFT Day x Ripple Official Party

On April 13th from 8pm - 1am at Pigalle’s iconic Elysée Montmartre, join PBWS & Paris NFT Day for our official party, sponsored by Ripple.Come enjoy an amazing night with NFTs, live DJ sets, Champagne and cocktails, a full catering service with amazing food, NFTs and more…The party is open to all attendees of both PBWS and Paris NFT Day. Preregister to get priority access - more info during the week.Let’s get together and party in the city of lights!

Ripple official party

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